Eva Longoria Shoots Down Report of Heated Encounter with Jane Fonda Attacker

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(Getty Images)

Eva Longoria has shot down a National Enquirer report claiming she confronted an angry man after he supposedly screamed at her lunch companion Jane Fonda over Fonda’s infamous 1972 “Hanoi Jane” photo in Vietnam.

According to the tabloid, which has a history of making up stories about Longoria getting into public fights, the “hard-hitting Hollywood war story” happened when the actress and Fonda were leaving the Beverly Hills Hotel after a recent meal. (No date is given, of course.)

The tabloid says a “mean-faced, 6-foot-4 guy suddenly charged up” to Fonda, allegedly shouting “HANOI JANE!” — at which point Longoria supposedly “leaped up in Bully Boy’s face, shrieking: ‘BACK OFF!’” A so-called “witness” tells the Enquirer, “The guy kept ranting about Jane’s 1972 visit to North Vietnam, where she posed for that notorious photo sitting on an anti-aircraft gun aimed to shoot down American planes – then got slapped with the ‘Hanoi Jane’ nickname by outraged Americans. The giant guy got very emotional, raging that his uncle had died serving in Vietnam – and capped his tirade by calling Jane, ‘Traitor!’” (Wow, that quote is fake. Nice history lesson, though.)

According to the Enquirer, Fonda was “thoroughly frightened,” but Longoria was “red-faced and ready to explode.” She is said to have “confronted the guy again, snarling: ‘If you don’t back off, I’m calling security and you’ll be thrown out of here!’” How dramatic! Too bad it’s phony. On Wednesday, Longoria tweeted, “Who writes this stuff? This never happened!” That hasn’t stopped the Enquirer in the past.

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