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Half of Nursing Homes Scrutinized on Safety Still Treacherous

In 2012, Parkview Healthcare Center’s history of safety violations led California regulators to issue an ultimatum reserved for the most dangerous nursing homes. The state’s public health department designated Parkview, a Bakersfield, Calif., nursing home, a “special focus facility,” requiring it to either fix lapses in care while under increased inspections or be stripped of […]

Spies In The Field: As Farming Goes High-Tech, Espionage Threat Grows

As a group of visiting scientists prepared to board a plane in Hawaii that would take them back home to China, U.S. customs agents found rice seeds in their luggage. Those seeds are likely to land at least one scientist in federal prison. Agriculture today is a high-tech business, but as that technology has developed, […]

Hassan Diab supporters fear changing political climate could hurt chances of fair trial

Supporters of Hassan Diab, the former University of Ottawa professor who remains imprisoned in France after his extradition two years ago, fear for his right to fair process in the face of rising nationalism and Islamophobia in a country that doesn’t want to appear “soft” on terror. Diab, 63, a Lebanese-born Canadian citizen, was arrested […]

Indian Recipes Aloo Baingan

Aloo Baingan is a very popular and easy vegetarian north Indian dish. In this dish, the eggplants/brinjal (बैंगन – Baingan) sare used and are cooked with potatoes, onion, turmeric, green, garam masala and red chilies . So what are you waiting for, let’s make this delicious dish at home. Recipe Servings : 5Recipe Cook Time […]

Madden 17 Top 5 Quarterbacks Prepare To Take The Field

The NFL preseason is only a couple weeks away and the anticipation for football is in the air once again, which means Madden 17 is just around the corner. Following up on the release of the top incoming rookies in the game, now EA Sports has revealed the ratings for the top 5 quarterbacks in […]

Asahna Bucha Day

Buddhism is a crucial part of Thai culture, as nearly 95% of the population are Buddhists. As a result, many of the country’s most important holidays are Buddhist. Today is one of those days – Asahna Bucha Day (วันอาสาฬหบูชา wan aa-săan-hà-boo-chaa). It’s a public holiday, so people all over the country enjoy a day off to […]

Skincare Routine for Corporate Girls

Blackheads make the surface of your face rough and are quite common. A thought of them being stuck on your skin is unbearable; you just want to get rid of them once and for all in order to be satisfied and relieved. For this to be possible, you should follow a process that requires the use of appropriate products, skin care routine and the help of experts. With the assistance of the information provided, you will get rid of blackheads and achieve a smooth, flawless and beautiful skin. Cleanser Get to identify your skin type before purchasing a cleanser. Ensure the product you settle for is gently on your skin and will give you the results you need. For a normal skin, you will need a product that has dual functions. On the other hand, sensitive, oily and dry skin type require a product that perfectly matches their condition. Only avoid the heavy duty cleansers. Buy a cleanser that is gentle and is a non-soap wash. As it will not strip a lot of oil from your skin surface, but will remove the excess dirt, dead skin cells, and the excess oils. Night Cream  A good night cream that has either hydroxyl acid or retinol will help in the unclogging process of your pores. It also helps get rid of the fine lines. All you need to do is apply a small amount of the cream on the surface of the blemish. Clay Mask Often the area that is prone to blackhead attacks is the T-zone. The pores are often clogged, therefore creating a conducive environment for blackheads to thrive. With the aid of this mask, apply on the areas affected, such as the forehead, chin, nose and cheeks. Toner This is the perfect remedy that will assist you achieve a radiant and spot free skin. Its main purpose it to restore your skin to its original pH level, after using the cleanser. It also helps rebalance and kill the bacteria present on your skin. Moisturizer You should try as much as possible to keep your pores clean. Do not over cleanse as you will get rid of the natural skin oil, which is not healthy for your skin. Moisturizing your skin will keep it radiant and hydrated. Settle for the one with natural oils, as they are non-irritant. Healthy Diet For you to achieve the goal of having healthy skin, your focus should not only be on the outside. The type of food you consume plays a huge role as well. Incorporate nuts, fruits, vegetables and a balanced diet in your eating schedule. Take enough water in order to hydrate your body and skin. Within no time you will look brighter, smoother and gorgeous. If you really want a healthy skin that is free of blackheads, you will have to cut down on your junk food intake as it contains added sugars Exercise For the routine to be effective, regular exercise may assist you achieve your desired result. The exercise you involve yourself in should be vigorous in order to get you sweating. This not only helps your skin exfoliate the toxins in your body, but it also increases your immunity and makes you fit. You can never go wrong with exercise. Sunscreen For all the body parts that are directly exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun, ensure they are covered with enough sunscreen. Failure to which, you run a high risk of developing sunburns and more blackheads. Protecting your skin from any harsh environmental factors helps your skin thrive in a conducive environment. Fragrance-free Products For the sensitive skin types, it is highly advisable to go for fragrance-free skin care products. This is because they often cause allergic reactions on your skin. They are often referred as unscented. The fragrance they have is in small amounts, for the purpose of masking odors of the active ingredients. Are you looking for the best way to get rid of blackheads? These products will move a step further in eliminating blackheads. Conclusion Incorporating all the above-mentioned items and advice in your daily skin care routine will give you amazing results. You only need discipline and focus, since you know what you are chasing after. With this comprehensive guide, you are guaranteed of having a glowing and flawless skin within no time. Source: The post Skincare Routine for Corporate Girls appeared first on LERA Blog. This article, Skincare Routine for Corporate Girls, first appeared on LERA Blog.

Met Opera General Manager Peter Gelb Discusses Operas Challenges with ZEALnyc

The first in a three-part series, ZEALnyc speaks with Metropolitan Opera General Manager Peter Gelb. Mark McLaren, Editor in Chief, August 4, 2016 It will be no news that many traditional performing arts institutions are challenged – and let’s be specific – these are classical performing arts institutions. (Broadway attendance in the 2015 season, on the […]