Eva Longoria Shoots Down Report of Heated Encounter with Jane Fonda Attacker

(Getty Images) Eva Longoria has shot down a National Enquirer report claiming she confronted an angry man after he supposedly screamed at her lunch companion Jane Fonda over Fonda’s infamous 1972 “Hanoi Jane” photo in Vietnam. According to the tabloid, which has a history of making up stories about Longoria getting into public fights, the […]

Tomb Raider Movie To Be Based On 2013 Video Game Reboot, According to Alicia Vikander

Video game adaptations have had a mixed reputation in Hollywood for decades, but despite this lingering stigma, many entries in the sub-genre seem to accumulate decent business at the international box-office. Creating the perfect video game movie is an ongoing quest for film makers and studios, and some have even labeled it the Holy Grail […]

Writers, Kick Self-Doubt in the Bum!

Everyone experiences self-doubt now and then. It’s part of being human, and writers are not exempt from this. In fact, I would go as far as to say that writers probably experience self-doubt more than other people. This is because we create things by transforming abstract ideas into concrete, readable words; and this makes us […]

Business Lessons For Freelance Writers From The Day Trading World

Being a freelance writer comes with a lot of challenges, including business negotiations and management problems that you may never have considered when you set out on this endeavor. That’s why it’s sometimes wise to turn to other industries for insights on how to handle these technical issues. Day traders, who are also in business […]

Frankly, my dear, I dont give a damn. 7 Tips for Great Dialogue

By Jacob N. Stuart. Hollywood has a short attention span. Unlike writers, who may have all day to sit and ponder, plotting out their next script, or revising and revising a screenplay until their fingers are numb, the truth is: the people you need to impress with your script don’t. So in your writing breaks, […]

Now You See Me 2 Casts a Spell Over Your Brain

Ryan MacLean Overview: One year after the events of the first film, the Four Horsemen resurface with plans of exposing the unethical practices of a tech company, at which point they are kidnapped and forced to pull off their most elaborate heist yet. Summit Entertainment; 2016; PG-13; 129 minutes. Now You See Me: If you’re […]

ALL THE WAY: LBJ comes alive

Bryan Cranston in ALL THE WAY Lyndon B. Johnson, one of American history’s larger-than-life characters, finally comes alive on the screen in the HBO movie All the Way. Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Trumbo) is the first actor who captures LBJ in all his facets – a man who was boring and square on television but […]