Elena Blueskies C2E2 Lineup By Cantera Image

Our man at C2E2, Manny of Cantera Image, was lucky enough to get not one, not two, but three featured shoots of the amazing Elena Blueskies Cosplay while he was at the Chicago-based convention. Elena Blueskies was cosplaying as the gorgeous Emma Frost on Friday, the tough Hawkgirl on Saturday and the kawaii Sailor Venus on […]

The 10 Best Series on Netflix

Here are the 10 best series on Netflix that you can binge-watch In just a few short years, Netflix has become the dominant force in streaming programming. It’s also become one of the best places to binge-watch television series from several different eras. If you can’t find a TV show that you want to watch […]

Man is convinced hes Kanye West after suffering severe brain injury

Riverton, WY | A man who suffered a horrific car crash that almost claimed his life two weeks ago, woke up from a coma believing that he was the famous rapper, Kanye West. 47-year old Benjamin Davis, was transported to the Columbia Memorial Hospital on February 17, after being implicated in a violent crash. He was critically injured and suffering from some […]

This is Not a Real Estate Deal

“This is not a real estate deal!” Marco Rubio seized on that line last night, and true to form, he parroted, and parroted, and parroted. (Don’t they have parrots in Cuba?) He was trying to zero in on Donald Trump who was steadily handing him his face, while Ted Cruz had the good sense not […]

You Should Be Kept on a Leash! Vol. 14, Issue 46

Etiquetteer is probably going to anger a lot of dog owners with this column, but so be it. Earlier this year, taking a weekend constitutional through the Arnold Arboretum, Etiquetteer witnessed two unleashed dogs going after a dog on a leash with its owner. The owner of the former rushed up saying “I’m really sorry!” […]

10 Celebrities Who Were Rumored to Have Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is a terrible ordeal for anyone, famous or not. However, when you are a perfectly healthy star who is just going about your own business, it’s annoying when people constantly question your health, accusing you of having cancer. While these are stars who are very happy to face rumors rather than […]

The Reading Room: A review of The Spanish Flu

  The Spanish Flu: Narrative and Cultural Identity in Spain, 1918 Ryan A. Davis. Published by Palgrave MacMillan, 2013. Hardcover, 255 pages. ISBN 978-1-137-33920-1   This book is unusual in that it deals with a subject that is scarcely found among international literature in the English language, the great influenza pandemic of 1918, or Spanish Flu, so-named […]