I.I. Rabi's Outline on the Atomic Bomb, 1945/6

This is a duplicate of a carbon copy document by I.I. Rabi, and is one of 35 documents1 relating to the development of U.S. atomic policy, October 1945-January 1946, that comes from the library of Caryl Haskins2, a close and long-time friend of Vannevar Bush, who worked with Bush throughout World War II at the OSRD, and was […]

Biomedical Data Science course

Biomedical Data Science A new 500/600 level course, cross listed between the Departments of Biology and Computer Science Science Level: BIL575 and BIL675 / CSC598Format: Tue/Thurs 9:30-10:45 AM  |  Cox 213Instructors: Sawsan Khuri (coordinator) and Stefan Wuchty (with B. Kirkpatrick)   Course Description The goal of this course is to teach students how to turn data […]

15 teams to share $1 million in collaborative grants through IU Research program

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana University Vice President for Research Jorge José has announced over $1 million in collaborative research grants to be shared among 15 newly formed research teams. Members of the teams represent 21 departments from eight schools on three IU campuses. The IU Collaborative Research Grants program, initiated by José and now in […]

Discovery of New Plant Switch Could Boost Crops, Biofuel Production

(Michigan State University)  A team of Michigan State University researchers has discovered a switch that regulates plant photosynthesis – the process that lets plants store solar energy and use it to grow and produce food. Photosynthesis stores energy in two forms that are used to power plants’ metabolism. The amount of energy flowing into each […]

Science And Space. The Formation Of Meteorites

©Lund University/A. Johansen Science And Space. The Formation Of Meteorites. New research proposes that chondrules, small glassy beads that make up the bulk of the most primitive meteorites, played a crucial role in the formation of planets. Simulations developed by scientists at the American Museum of Natural History, Lund University in Sweden, and collaborating institutions show how asteroid-sized […]

Scientists publish findings on search for advanced alien civilizations

Scientists examined 100,000 galaxies using NASA’s WISE satellite to look for telltale heat signatures that may indicate the presence of an advanced alien civilization. While the scientists say they found no “obvious” signs of alien civilizations, they found 50 of the galaxies did show elevated levels of radiation and deserve further study. The study was […]

Users in focus Creating service robots for and with people

Dr Astrid Weiss from Technical University Vienna, will be presenting in the SoCS research seminar. Her work is at the crossroads of robotics, computer science, Human Computer Interaction, and social sciences; investigating robotic applications in public space, elderly care and factory settings. This is a research seminar open to attendees across the university, in particular […]