When will 2007 OR10 get a name?

Artist’s concept of 2007 OR10, whose original nickname was Snow White. It might have a rosy color, due to methane ices on its surface. Image via NASA. Astronomers have combined data from two space observatories to reveal that an object in the outer solar system – categorized as a dwarf planet and currently labeled 2007 […]

Evolution May Obscure Reality, Says a Cognitive Scientist and Evolutionist

Writing here last month, I explained why Darwinian theory directly undermines UC Berkeley psychologist Tania Lombrozo’s argument that our reasoning may be getting better because science is getting better. In truth, naturalistic evolution erodes confidence in human reasoning — the basis of science. But it’s not only evolution skeptics who realize this. For an article […]

Intra-Lab Collaboration Automates OLCF Publication Tracking System with Cobra Tool

The publications that show on the OLCF website are populated using the Cobra tool. In 2015, the OLCF increased its publication capture rate by 30 percent. The URL for the publications list on the OLCF website is: New software allows OLCF to better capture journal articles relating to research done on center computing resources […]

Karen Haman has Iowa State homecoming as new CBE lecturer

Dr. Karen Haman Dr. Karen Haman enjoyed two summers of undergraduate research in Materials Science and Engineering at Iowa State. Now, as a newly-hired lecturer in Chemical and Biological Engineering, the native of nearby Huxley, Iowa said she is ready to embrace a return to ISU. “This is like a homecoming for me,” said Haman, […]

Study finds ice isnt being lost from Greenlands interior

Scientists studying data from the top of the Greenland ice sheet have discovered that during winter in the center of the world’s largest island, temperature inversions and other low-level atmospheric phenomena effectively isolate the ice surface from the atmosphere — recycling water vapor and halting the loss or gain of ice. A team of climate […]

The Chicago Physician Who Understood the Paradox of Radiation

Radiation is a paradox. On the one hand, it’s a lifesaving tool. As powerful energy that can pass through solid matter, it’s often used in medicine for everything from diagnostic X-rays to cancer therapy. But radiation also can be deadly. If handled carelessly, it causes cancer. No one was better witness to the split personality […]

Standardized qualification of subsea technology will enable faster innovation, says DNV GL

Elisabeth Tørstad New subsea technologies and systems must be qualified before use to build confidence that they will function as intended.  However, current subsea technology qualification (TQ) processes can be inefficient, time consuming and variations in methodology impede industry players from leveraging on each other’s results.  Now DNV GL is calling for a standardized system […]

STEM Education Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries are all vastly different fields that include thousands of careers. Although these careers are all unique they do sometimes cross with one another. For example, scientists might do the research and the technology industry could help them create machines. The engineering field also could come in here […]