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Spies In The Field: As Farming Goes High-Tech, Espionage Threat Grows

As a group of visiting scientists prepared to board a plane in Hawaii that would take them back home to China, U.S. customs agents found rice seeds in their luggage. Those seeds are likely to land at least one scientist in federal prison. Agriculture today is a high-tech business, but as that technology has developed, […]

Hassan Diab supporters fear changing political climate could hurt chances of fair trial

Supporters of Hassan Diab, the former University of Ottawa professor who remains imprisoned in France after his extradition two years ago, fear for his right to fair process in the face of rising nationalism and Islamophobia in a country that doesn’t want to appear “soft” on terror. Diab, 63, a Lebanese-born Canadian citizen, was arrested […]

Indian Recipes Aloo Baingan

Aloo Baingan is a very popular and easy vegetarian north Indian dish. In this dish, the eggplants/brinjal (बैंगन – Baingan) sare used and are cooked with potatoes, onion, turmeric, green, garam masala and red chilies . So what are you waiting for, let’s make this delicious dish at home. Recipe Servings : 5Recipe Cook Time […]

One Tax To Bind Them All The GST Tax

Everyone has been talking about the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for so long and it is finally going to be here. The GST bill has been passed in the Rajya Sabha and it will be ready for roll out soon. GST, one of the biggest tax reforms in India, is expected to have wide-ranging […]

Chronic Hunger Lingers in the Midst of Plenty

Despite being one of the biggest grain producers of the world, India lags behind on food security with nearly 25 percent of its population going to bed hungry. Credit: Neeta Lal/IPS By Neeta LalNEW DELHI, Jul 28 2016 (IPS) In a fraught global economic environment, exacerbated by climate change and shrinking resources, ensuring food and […]

University launches new graphene company

Graphene Enabled Systems Limited, headquartered in the University’s Innovation Centre (UMIC) on Grafton Street in Manchester, is wholly owned by the University and is led by its newly appointed CEO, Andrew Wilkinson. The company’s mission is to create a number of highly profitable spin-out businesses based on the University’s Graphene patent portfolio. It is expected […]

The BREXIT Vote Will Lead to the Isolation of America and Defeat In World War III

(DAVE HODGES)  Putin is the grandmaster of the chessboard. He has positioned himself to elevate Russia over America in politics, economics and military prowess. The spin-off consequences of the BREXIT vote will lead to the isolation of America from its key allies. As this article postulates, BREXIT has started a chain of events which will […]

Threshing Floor Podcast 065: Baptism, Christendom and Christian Mingle

What happens when you mix Netflix and Christian dating? Well, you get a great movie to talk about and Joshua puts his dating life in the hands of Drew and Chad. This and more in the latest Threshing Floor! Our primary conversation surrounds Christendom and the theology of infant baptism. We started our conversation with […]