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Halal Tourism is booming and brings Millions

HALAL TOURISM BOOST COULD BE WORTH MILLIONS FOR GERMAN BUSINESSES Businesses in Germany who supply products and services to Muslims are being urged to tap into the global boom in halal tourism. Halal tourism experts say the rise in Muslim friendly travel – currently worth $145 billion- could be worth millions for companies and create […]

Kennel Club Statement Regarding the World Dog Show 2019

The Kennel Club fully condemns the sale and consumption of dog meat and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, held in China. The trade has long been associated with a large number of animal welfare violations, which include neglect towards the animals’ physical and mental needs, as they often live and are transported in crowded conditions […]

Greek Euro Exit Could Herald Anti-Western Shift

The American aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush conducts a port visit to Piraeus, Greece, March 5, 2014 (USN/Lieutenant Juan David Guerra) If Greece is forced to leave the euro, the immediate repercussions for the rest of the European Union could be limited. Greece barely accounts for 1 percent of the European economy while both […]